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Rover Dramawerks off the beaten path. Live Professional Theatre in Downtown Plano
One Day Only 8!


Having yet again learned nothing
from the previous torture that was ODO7,
ODO Staff, actors, directors and writers
trundle in to the Courtyard Theatre seemingly
oblivious to the horror that awaits.

Many are newbies and can be excused,
but the stalwart veterans should be
catalogued and put under surveilence
for the greater good.

Speed BondingTM
The bane of techies, the bond of silliness

IIntroductions all 'round

Stupid instructions

Critical timekeeping is key.
A war siren is handy for announcements.

Impersonating the Chair
at the Lincoln Memorial
(no I dont' have to make these captions up)

cool, un-speed-bonded, unflappable

heated, bonded, flapped

The writer's topic is....

I drew what?!?
What do you mean
"No, I can't TRADE?!?!?!

Before we split up tonight, let's get evidence... I mean a group shot

Directors and actors sleep as plots are hatched.


Reading the scripts

The negotiations over scripts and actors linger well into the minutes before rehearsal

First readings by the casts

Counseling is available as actors realize
just exactly what they have got themselves into

Even the mascot is stressed out.

The more than amazing Running Crew.
They look tame, but these guys eat theater punks like you for dinner

Speaking of dinner...

Lights UP!!
Space Cowboy, Aunt Velma and the Planet Macaroon
By Christopher Soden
Directed by Melanie Fairlight

A Family Portrait
By Cat Hundley
Directed by Mark-Brian Sonna

A Nice Lady
By Chris Rentzel
Directed by Richelle Grevesen

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Aren't Waiting for Godot
By John Mallory Land
Directed by Patrick O'Neil
When Toys Go Bad
By Rick A. Elina
Directed by Connie Salsman
In Plain Sight
By Jason T. Rice
Directed by Lisa Devine
Garbled Greetings
By Charlotte Giles
Directed by Carol Rice

To better aid law enforcement agencies including but no longer limited to the FBI....

The Mugshots