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No headshots allowed!
You show up looking like you... that's who we go with

The joys of being a straight guy in theater....
(yeah, that's not politically correct... but it's right, right?)

Truly, among the few groups that knew each other coming in...

Completely new to ODO?
Show of hands.
(Freakin' AWESOME!)

Hold on to your hats.
On your marks...
Get set...

The dreaded yet loved Speedbonding Siren Timer TM

I am Mark-Brian, your cruise director.

Follow me.

An ODO rarity!
Pics of the tortured playwrights overnight
Granted, only two and early in the evening.
It gets far too horrifying for the open web.

This time, however, the Directors'
selection of plays goes unrecorded.

Probably best. A bagel fight broke out
and while no arrest warrants were issued,
the ensuing civil litigation could linger
for years.

Sunlight! That must mean actors.
And rehearsal

and rehearsal

and rehearsal

and rehearsal

and rehearsal

and rehearsal


When it Rains it Pours
By Libby Mitchell
Directed by Jan Toms
(Seed phrase: When it Rains it Pours)
Dionna Diva
Colette Clash
Jane Plain
Sam Slam

Kelly Moore Clarkson
Elizabeth Rueff
Natalie Shaw
Kevin Dean James

Waiting for Pete
By Carol M. Rice
Directed by Janet Behning
(Seed phrase: Life is Good!)


Connie Salsman
Glenda Maskell
Brooke Ledbetter
Christopher Nash
Jared Mitchell
Coby Cathey

Birds Do It: A Short Talk
By Lance Brandenburgh
Directed by Karen Bower Robinson
(Seed phrase: And that’s where babies come from)

Robin Coulonge
Chris Cain
Madison Douglas
Andrew Prosser

The Scorcini Diamond
The Butler Did It

“Noire” means “Black” in French

By M.H. Clay
Directed by Mark C. Guerra
(Seed phrase: It was a great night for a ride)
Wilson Butler, PI
Lilly Lightsong
Robert Haverston
Walter Bigwad

Eric A. Maskell
Cheryl Cory
Samantha Shub
Adrian Godinez
Oren Sachs
Charlie S. Cruz
Susan Wagner

Rehab is Like Middle School
By Gina Robertson
Directed by Laurie Salmon
(Seed phrase: Middle School)
Beverly’s Mother
Dr. Pearl

Monica Rivera
Shawn Luigs
Charles Carroll
Jackie Carey
Robert Williams

A Comedy As You Like In Venice (Beach)
By Matthew J. Edwards
Directed by Meredith Brown
(Seed phrase: Dance like no one is watching)
Madam Rice

Juan Fiol
Ciro Faienza
Romie Stott
Marissa Jackson
Pamela Lack
Crystal Pierce

By Christopher S. Soden
Directed by Shane Hamlin
(Seed phrase: Hell No We Won’t Go)
Mitzy Grizwald
Sonia Grizwald
Fr. Mudge
 Colleen Carey
Susan Davis
Danielle Pickard
Lloyd Turney
Michael P. Sturlin
Three Demons
Bella Donna

Kenneth Jones
Jenny Credeur
Jennifer Atkins

Cast and Crew
a rare moment of repose