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Rover Dramawerks off the beaten path. Live Professional Theatre in Downtown Plano
Famous Rovers

In no particular order....

Deep Rover - 2 person sub
Yes, you can own one.
Or rent one

Is this a great planet, or what?!

Ship USS Red Rover
First a Confederate steamer, later captured and recommissioned
as a hospital boat. The Catholic order Sisters of the Holy Cross
became the first female nurses to serve aboard a Navy Ship

Rover Bump
December 1, 1983 Slim and Clovia Skinner
become the cartoon world's first adoptive parents

Yeah, it's kinda sappy, but it's
our webpage and that is cool in our book!

Irish Rover Pub
Every town on earth has a pub named Irish Rover
This one gets cred by being in Copenhagen
...which is kind of like Ireland
kinda sorta

The Irish Rovers
Alas, those were the days when young rebels dressed
exactly alike to show their outward individuality
and inner solidarity.

Lunar Rover
250,000 miles on a single tank
Thank goodness for free parking


Seems like everybody makes a Rover

Speaking of Rovers
I just know that the soccer moms riding the brakes
in the Target parking lot see themselves
differently than we do

Yes, it has a name!

The growling underwater weather balloon nemesis was actually named Rover


And from the fine creative types* at

Kind of makes you wanna grab that
FirstAct Guitar off the Wal*Mart endcap
head for the Walden Pond Best Western
and get in touch with your inner
Hank Thoreau, don't it?

*like you could have resisted the pun. Harumph!

The Star Rover
Jack London

Inspired by his friend Ed Morell,
who spent five years in the barbaric
San Quentin jail, The Star Rover
is a searing indictment of a violent
and corrupt penal system. Describing
the brutality of a life behind bars,
it explores the power of imagination
to transcend physical hardship,
and ultimately sustain hope.


of course I didn't write that,
I stole it from a publisher,
Prometheus Books

For the "open source" crowd
there is the text online at

While you're at it - A Jack London Bio Page

From the Land Down Under,
Where men are men
and women are traded for
horses and lawn equipment

Caught on any lesser mower, you are diced and fed to a wombat.
(these guys take mowing way seriously - nice to know there's an ocean)

And of course - the famous Ty Rover and Space Rover toys

Yeah, I had never heard of them either,
but somebody thought them worth mentioning.
They're both red.

Even "The Evil Empire" loves Rover

"Rover" -- 1995-2001
"Rover," that mangey little mutt, went from "old yeller" to "new feller"
and took on a whole new look. Microsoft Bob's 1995 Rover is a 2-D
sprite graphic with a cartoonish "flat" look. Windows XP's Rover is a 3-D
rendered model with textured "skin" and more realistic motion.

In 2001, Microsoft gave Rover a new life in Windows XP --
six years after being introduced in Microsoft Bob. - Dan Rose

(image and text stolen lock stock and barrel from ... with permission
and for CRYIN' OUT LOUD - the guy even updated me when he moved his domain!
You GOTTA check his software "Wax Museum" out. It's a trip!)


Actual Dog named Rover

Photo used with express permission
from Rover herself: rover (at)

Dear Jason,

Wow! That's neat! You named a whole theatre company after me? I've never even been to Texas!

My people say you can use one image or even both images. I wonder why no one names dogs Rover anymore.

And I love having visitors on my webpage, so a link to would be great.

Thanks a lot for emailing. My people thought this was great.