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Writer | Director | Actor/Actress | Waiting List

Not a “theater-y” type? Just want more info about the event?

Roles are assigned “first-come, first-served”. No exceptions.

  1. Wait until September 30. The forms are intentionally unavailable until 1 pm on that day
  2. At that time, select a role from the menu above (writer, director, or actor).
  3. Fill out the form quickly! When all roles of a certain category are filled, it will no longer accept responses.
  4. If your first choice is full already, you can select a different category.
  5. If everything you’re interested in is full, sign up on the waiting list (look for the link on the page of the full category).

We do have dropouts, so don’t miss the last step!

You must be 18 or older to participate.

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