‘Claptrap’ not that deadly.

Roverwerks show ends this weekend at MAC

By Wendy Kay Strain

The Mesquite News

The name may sound treacherous, but Rover Dramawerks’ newest production at the Mesquite Arts Center may prove deadly in hilarity.

The show runs weekends through May 22 in the black box theatre.

The storyline follows the struggles of dedicated writer Sam Krulik as he works on his great American novel.

Joining him in his struggles is long-time girl friend Sara Littlefield and equally struggling actor Harvey Wheatcraft. Making occasional appearances are Sara’s mother, Cynthia, and book publicist Sybil Swenson.

Randeep Walia, in the role of Sam, is the epitome of the dramatic, self-absorbed writer driven to extremes by severe writer’s block.

Sara Littlefield, portrayed by Jennifer Duggins, is a naïve patron of the arts, although her tastes and obsessive patience may be called into question.

Duggins is brilliant in the role. Although obviously a capable actress, she portrays a woman with a desire, but not a talent, for any of the arts.

Rounding out the principal characters, Kenneth Fulenwider portrays the part of the overly exuberant, dubiously talented, wholly dedicated actor Harvey Wheatcraft. Utterly charming even while his character is being completely base, Fulenwider displays a talent for the role that tends to bring out the deeply buried inner person from the character.

Fulenwider is the only Rover veteran in the cast, having previously performed in “Morphic Resonance,” “Romanoff and Juliet,” and “Invisible Ticket.”

Performances are given at 8 p.m. every Thursday through Saturday though May 22 at the Mesquite Arts Center Black Box Theatre.

For more information or for ticket reservations, email tickets@roverdramawerks.com or call 972-849-0358.