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Rover Dramawerks off the beaten path. Live Professional Theatre in Downtown Plano

365 Women a Year Festival

May 5-14, 2016

Cast ListProgramPhotos


The Dance Maker
by Susan Shafer
directed by Glynda Welch
Agnes deMille.....Amanda Meier
Stella.....Sarah Nobles
Cecil B. deMille.....Timothy Kersey
about choreographer Agnes deMille

(5/6, 5/13, 5/14)

Don’t Know No Jokes
by Annie Wood
directed by Matt Stepan
Carla.....Contessah Irene
Tina.....Debbie Deverich
Moms Mabley.....La’Netia D. Taylor
about comedienne Moms Mabley

(5/7 matinee, 5/13, 5/14)

First Day in Trade
by Jennifer O’Grady
directed by Kayla Freeman

Kristen.....Taylor Davis
Laurie.....Christian Hopson
Dennis.....Chance Gibbs
Jackie O.....Suzy Dotson
about former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

(5/5, 5/7, 5/14)

First Woman of Industry
by Nancy Gall-Clayton
directed by Matt Stepan
Catherine.....Eileen Kennedy Alger
Amelia.....Emory Lambert
Johan.....Chance Gibbs
about German businesswoman Catherine Danenhold Melcher
(5/7 matinee, 5/12, 5/14)

Fly Girl
by Renee Lucas Wayne
directed by Buster Spiller
Bessie Coleman.....Jocelyn Michelle Towns
Jonas Lark.....Jake Bowman
Walter Coleman.....Rickey Wax
John Coleman.....J.R. Bradford
William Wills.....Jake Bowman
about aviator Bessie Coleman

(5/5, 5/6, 5/7 matinee)

Fossil Lady
by Claudia I. Haas
directed by Libby Mitchell
Mary Anning.....Sierra Milliron
James Brady.....Robert Dullnig
Elizabeth Philpot.....Christian Hopson
about paleontologist Mary Anning
(5/6, 5/12, 5/14 matinee)

Future Girl Visits Barbie’s Mom
by Ellen Davis Sullivan
directed by Glynda Welch
Ruth.....Mary Campbell
Future Girl.....Madisyn Hughes
about Ruth Handler, developer of Barbie dolls and founder of Mattel Toys
(5/7 matinee, 5/12, 5/13)

Homespun Webs
by C.J. Ehrlich
directed by Shanna Threlkeld
Madeline.....Mary Campbell
Louise Bourgeois.....Alexis Nabors
about artist Louise Bourgeois
(5/6, 5/12, 5/14 matinee)

(Mama) King Chronicles
by Rita Anderson
directed by Brandi L. McDowell
Alberta King.....Deborah Williams
Shooter/MLK Jr./Young Michael.....Jonathan Lamar (Fri), Jason Ivey (Sat)
Reverend/MLK Sr. /James.....Wilbur Penn
Young Alberta/Coretta.....Rhonda Williams
Jennie/Dalia.....Lucretia Johnson
about Alberta King, mother of Martin Luther King, Jr.
(5/13, 5/14)

Never Forget
by Donna Hoke
directed by Kayla Freeman
Shirley Jackson.....Mary Campbell
Harold Ross.....Bill Parr
Brandon Gill.....Robert Dullnig
Agent.....Vandana Char
about author Shirley Jackson
(5/7, 5/13, 5/14)

Push Boldly Off
by Donna Latham
directed by Libby Mitchell
Louisa May Alcott.....Sierra Milliron
Abigail May “Abba” Alcott.....Suzy Dotson
Bronson Alcott.....Steve Schreur
Brother Charles Lane.....Timothy Kersey
Annie Alcott.....Nina Gurgenidze
Brother Eli.....Robert Dullnig
about writer Louisa May Alcott as a child

(5/7, 5/14 matinee)

Recipe for Espionage (Before She Was Julia Child)
by Carol M. Rice
directed by Kevin Westbrook
Julia McWilliams.....Laura L. Watson
William Donavan.....Chance Gibbs
Jane Foster.....Sarah Nobles
Betty MacDonald.....Caroline Cole
Paul Child.....John Paul Lewis
about Julia McWilliams Child as a World War II spy
(5/6, 5/12, 5/13)

She Was Never Lost
by Allie Costa
directed by Kevin Westbrook
Alice.....Emory Lambert
about Alice Liddell, upon whom Alice in Wonderland was based
(5/6, 5/12, 5/14)

Soraya’s Eyes
by Rhea McCallum
directed by Lindsey Humphries
Soraya Mire.....Christian Hopson
Mother/Sahir/Protestor.....Contessa Irene
Doctor1&2/Therapist/Protestor.....Latreshia Lilly
Voice.....J.R. Bradford
about Somalian filmmaker and female genital mutilation/human rights
activist Soraya Mire
(5/5, 5/12, 5/14)

“Twas Mercy Brought Me…”
by J. Sanders Nelson
directed by Buster Spiller
Phillis Wheatley.....Latreshia Lilly
Benjamin Franklin.....Jake Bowman
Obour Tanner.....Jocelyn Michelle Towns
Prince Wheatley.....J.R. Bradford
Susanna Wheatley.....Amy Urbanowicz
Scipio Moorhead.....A. Ivan White
George Washington.....Tony Hawkins
John Peters.....Montre Bible
about African slave poetess Phillis Wheatley

(5/5, 5/7 matinee)


Production Stage Manager.....Paula Raven
Lighting Designer.....Lindsey Humphries
Backstage Crew.....Ta’nisha Allen
Pre-Production Coordinator.....Carol M. Rice


Kristin Jones
Jason Rice
Charles Welch
Creative Commons License: Lonemonk - Final applause in Don’t Know No
Jokes (, Maisononique -
Doorbell in First Woman of Industry, edited (